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taking Love and pizza to India

"Why India?"

Our family is on a mission to share love in India.  We visited this wonderful place for the first time in September 2022 and God left a huge piece of our heart there.  We were so enriched by India's culture, hospitality, and of course their cuisine.  Our hearts were also deeply humbled by its poverty...a people who are so grateful for what we see as so little through the filter of our westernized eyes.  

Through our small town pizzeria we have now been able to fund a girls' orphanage, offer assistance to those who still have not recovered from Covid lockdowns, make personal visits with people who have become family and friends, to provide necessities to the people on the street and to visit in the villages. 


We began our nonprofit,  Slice of Hope, Inc.

(a 501c3  company) in 2023, which now allows us to share Love as big as we can in India.  

If you would like to support this mission financially, you can click on the link above and be directed to paypal or you may mail your  check to Slice of Hope, Inc, 1513 N Howe Street, #9 , Southport, NC 28461

There are always opportunities to be active in the mission of hope in India.  To see what is up and coming for Slice of Hope or how you can be involved click here...

Sharing love and hope one slice at a time .  These are some things we have been doing.  

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