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Jaipur the PInk City

Jaipur...the Pink City

Sharing hope one slice at a time...

Here is what we have been doing in India


Girls' Orphanage  December 2023

In September 2022 we met the most beautiful little girls in the world.  And we were able to spend Christmas time with them in December 2023.  We saw the well that Slice of Hope installed in October 2023.  We spent time having lunch together and playing games.

Then we had the privilege of celebrating Christmas with the local village.  


Tent Village Food and Blankets  Sept 2022

I wish I knew her name.  Her face will always be remembered as she waited for her bag of food and warm blanket.  She lives among so many in the tent village of Jaipur.  Dr. Ed Pruitt has been here many times and took our family in the heart of India among poverty unlike anything we had ever seen.  We passed out bags of ready made food and snacks along with blankets.  We had two tuk tuks filled with as much as we could hold and they were all gone within minutes after we began.  Our little gifts would not have lasted long and certainly does not seem to make a difference among so many.  But it did make a difference in our heart, to love on other humans if only but a moment.  


Silverfish Jewels

This story began in a coffee shop...

Our family will forever be changed by meeting Ali!  Our oldest son heard the story of how Covid shutdowns had severely affected the longtime friend/ tuk tuk driver of Dr. Pruitt.  As the two reunited over coffee, our son joined them and was very moved to get involved in trying to help Ali reopen Silverfish Jewels. And this was only the beginning....  Indian Family


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