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My Bracelet...

Before leaving India for the very first time, Dr Pruitt's longtime friend, Ali, invited the six of us to dinner in their home.  As traditional to Indian culture, the hospitality was very warm and inviting.  It instantly felt like home and the food was so delicious.  Being our last night there, I suddenly realized how much I would miss this amazing country and its beautiful people.  While waiting for dinner to finish being prepared, Ali decided to show his new business partner (my son) some of the remnants of jewelry that had not yet been sold as a survival measure to Covid shutdowns.  This bracelet (pictured below) caught my eye and my son purchased it for me.  Today it is still absolutely my favorite bracelet to wear because not only is it gorgeous, but it tells a sentimental story. 

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"Madam" to "Ma ji"

It is here, in this coffee shop that we listened to our son share the news that he wanted to help get Silverfish Jewels reopened.  It is here that I realized that Ali is able to make my long desired mother's ring.  And it is here that I have asked to be given this precious gift on our December 2023 trip, but now this ring includes a fourth name... 

Shortly after returning home, I received a text that read, "Good evening Madam, how was your flight?"  Mr. Ali reached out to our family as a new dearly loved friend and business partner.  In the following  few weeks, my attachment to India  was getting stronger, and the tuk tuk driver, turned business partner, turned friend, now calls me "Ma Ji." Since India, I have brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews and potas (grandsons) and granddaughters! September proved more abundant than I ever dreamed possible.  In May I reunited with my adopted Indian son, spending the week of Mother's Day with ALL of my children. I have asked him to add his name to my mother's ring, and in a few weeks I plan to update here with our return visit to Coffee Sutra to receive the gift I have waited for, for many many years.  I guess I was waiting for the name..."Aslam."




You can support this business 
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handmade in Jaipur 
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Mother's Day 2023

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